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The Testing Lifecycle

A continuation my Lean and Agile, in Reverse series We’ve now covered most of what I have to say about Production and how it benefits from fast iteration.  Next I’d normally talk about Staging, except that Staging servers can be … Continue reading

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A Smooth Production Process

In my last post I painted a pretty Utopian picture of an imaginary delivery process, but it’s not that far from reality.  I’ve experienced a process pretty close to this on several different engagements. How did we get here? The … Continue reading

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Production & Beyond

Since we’re working backward through the development process, the last step in software development is software that’s already deployed. So let’s start there. When Production Software is going well, and I mean really well, something cool happens: Nothing much at … Continue reading

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Lean and Agile, in Reverse

I think we have been making a mistake in how we teach and ‘sell’ Agile and Lean processes to the general masses.  The industry has made tremendous strides and advances but the number of Late Adopters is still remarkably high. … Continue reading

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