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Sympathy for the Reader

There’s an old aphorism about writing good code: Code as if the next guy to maintain your code is a homicidal maniac who knows where you live. Very humorous, worth a good chuckle and maybe a knowing nod.  But is … Continue reading

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Promises in Angular

Last year, I gave a small presentation on Promises in AngularJS, with an interactive element.  It’s a little bit dated, and a million people have now written about Promises, so I’ll leave the basics and the crash course to Kris … Continue reading

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A Brief History of Jason

More importantly, I thought all of the smart people were developing software this way. Chapter 1:  Starting at NCSA My first job in software was in college, working support for NCSA Mosaic.  To this day it’s still one of the … Continue reading

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No Time but Now

Yesterday my dog turned 3 1/2 years old. This morning I took him for what is probably his last walk.  He’s slipping away and there may be none tomorrow. For three years our Saturday walks were a cornerstone of my … Continue reading

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The Cobbler’s Children Have No Shoes

I don’t hear this phrase in professional settings very often, unless it is coming out of my own mouth, but up until recently it was true that the gulf between the software we were expected to create and the tools … Continue reading

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It’s Time We Rethought ‘Responsive’

We know that these days a lot of our users are trying to access our websites from their phones.  They may need some information, or they may just be bored and stuck somewhere that they don’t have a larger screen. … Continue reading

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QA and Dev: One Team

This is part 4 of my Lean and Agile, in Reverse series To get an idea of how this Agile QA process is working, let’s first contrast it to our old friend Waterfall.  This is not in order to bag on Waterfall … Continue reading

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